Outline for final project

1) A brief description of your topic

(i.e. a form of new media/digital technology

The Astronomy Picture of the Day, is a type of digital multi-media archive of cosmic and earth phenomena, appeals to people in a subtle way using the beauty of nature and the cosmos in an artistic way through photos, videos, time-lapse sequences and even some interactive photos that make people interested in wanting to know something about the picture, which in turn enables them to learn about some aspect of the science world that they might never have been exposed to or interested in before.

2) A proposed thesis statement or thesis question

Is this kind of photo essay a better way to entice people into learning about a topic than the traditional written essay format, and if so, why is it better? In other words, is a picture really worth a 1000 words even when it comes to inspiring people to want to learn about science?

3) The sources (or kinds of sources) you plan to use

NASA website

JPL website

APOD website, which is a sister site to NASA

I will search different leaning and educational websites on learning techniques that work well, why they work well.

Learning styles research – visual learners vs auditory learners for example

Website about learning disabilities and learning styles.

I will also use the research which is still ongoing from Learning And Teaching Styles In Engineering Education [Engr. Education, 78 (7), 674–681 (1988)]Author’s Preface — June 2002 by Richard M. Felder  http://www4.ncsu.edu/unity/lockers/users/f/felder/public/Papers/LS-1988.pdf , and

The Index of Learning Styles which assesses preferences using four scales of the learning styles and models from the paper named above which currently gets about 100,000 hits a year and it has also been translated into numerous languages.


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