Pirate Rights

“In fact, in many cases the impact of such copying is a market displacement, as the recipient of the copy receives free something that would otherwise be subject to payment of royalties to the copyright owners.” Page 160


Pirate Rights

I find the private copying of music materials to be very harmful to the industry, mainly for the fact that the artists and owners do not receive any financial benefits from their works. Without the financial support from the sale of their works, the artists would have a much harder time trying to finance their next musical endeavor, the owners as well would have a hard time trying to finance new artists, promoting them, and giving them the right tools and equipment to record and publish their music on. In truth however, the pirating of copyrighted music for private use is not as bad as those who pirate to sell it for their personal financial benefits. However, the pirating of any music whether for personal use r for re-sale, hurts the artists and companies tremendously. Though, this “private” use, makes me wonder about why anyone would want to pirate music at all. If you really like the artist is it not better to show that support by buying their CD? Or even if you do pirate a song and find you love it, would it not be better to buy the song and delete the copy? After all copies are never as good as the original. For example, YouTube is a place filled with “copied” songs, that you can copy through many different converter sites that allow you to take a song from YouTube and convert it to an mp3 format. However, because it’s a copy, of a copy, the sound quality is usually very poor. Though, when buying a song from iTunes, the sound quality is usually very high, even though that is also a copy, technically. The reason their sound quality is so much better is because they have the original work to take from rather than a copy of a copy.


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