With Stars in Their Eyes

“But the star image was always a dual one, as the audience was invited to consume both fictional roles played on the screen and the supposedly real, although often also fictional, persona of the star as an individual.” page 98


With Stars in Their Eyes

I find it strange the over fascination with movie stars or any celebrity for that matter. The “image” that actor’s make up for the viewing audiences as also strange, its as though they make a new version of themselves just for the public, and try to keep a private image of themselves out of the public eye. Just the notion alone that these “stars” have more than one persona at all seems mind boggling. An actor’s job is already to pretend to be someone else on the screen for our amusement, but to then continue that façade off the screen as well, after a while it would seem that they would be nothing, but shells of what was before they became “stars.”  It is the “fictional roles played on the screen” that give the star their status, but it is the secondary “fictional” role that is so sought after by groupies, entourages, and fans, that is the reason for shows such as E! News.

It is shows like E! News whose existence seems almost impossible in real life, they seem as though shows that would only exist within a work of fiction. They document the “star’s” every move, create nicknames, and speculate about their personal relationships and family life. In a way it is this organization of gossip that creates the second person for the stars so the stars themselves don’t have to. In a way stars have no personally, but what we the “audience” believe that they have, and the truth is that we the “audience” know nothing about them and never will. Though, this idea that the audience can never really know the actor on the screen is what gives the want to know them direction. People are fascinated by the “star image” because of its usual squeaky cleanness, its reminiscence of the “white telephone” movies and the era of when the “star image” was born.


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